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Home, Place & Belonging


The Kingdom of God is Like a Sticky Movie Theater Floor and a Neighborhood Concert for Christ and Pop Culture

The Ministry of Spongy Wallpaper and Cramped Hospitality for author Jen Pollock Michel

Church Planting in the Land of Desire for The Gospel Coalition

Home isn’t about Performance, It’s about Belonging for (in)courage

A Grace that Shatters for author Amber Haines


Reading and Family Life


Why Reading Fiction is Good for the Soul for The Well

Rhythms of Gratitude in a Mass-Produced World for The Well

Don’t Worship at the Altar of Vulnerability for The Gospel Coalition

Why I’m Framing my Ph.D. Above the Changing Table for SheLoves Magazine

To All the Pastors’ Wives Whose Marriages are Slowly Falling Apart for The Mudroom

Making Marriage Beautiful By Choosing “I do” Again for author Dorothy Greco


Book Reviews & Cultural Commentary


Coming Clean and Evangelical Testimony, for Books & Culture

The Squatters Next Door: A History of American Shantytowns for Books & Culture

Mommy Guilt, Work, and The Role of Women: Review of Beaty’s A Woman’s Place at Englewood Review of Books

Let’s Not Forget about Joy: An Ode to the Chewbacca Lady for ThinkChristian

The Alluring Ease of Amazon’s Echo for ThinkChristian



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My essay, “You Don’t have To Wear A Skirt to Follow Jesus” is included in CruPress’ book, Dating During the Apocalypse, and other conversations on God, sex, and life. Buy it here.




My essay, “I am a Desperate Woman,” is in the collective anthology from Redbud Writers Guild, Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives (Paraclete Press, May 2017). Buy it here.



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