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It costs money to give your words away. Can you help?
December 20, 2016 at 7:44 am 0
I'm sending out my December newsletter with a picture of my family dabbing. It was amazing. And because I love you even if you haven't signed up for my newsletter, I'll put it here too. dabphoto   I know everyone is asking for your money in these last few days of 2016. We're asking our own church to be crazy generous so we can be generous people to our community. Writing is a lot like that. I think that writers should (at least in part) give away their words for free. Words are gifts. They are salve, and balm, and sometimes a knife that amputates what is rotten. words-are-salvebalm-and-sometimes-a-knife   But it costs to give away words for free. It costs money most obviously. Now we don't like to talk about money these days. It feels crass. But listen, we aren't brains and souls on toothpicks. We are embodied people, learning and fumbling how to live in community. And to do that we need resources. I just received my blog renewal update and it's more than I thought. I give my words away on I write for free for The Mudroom, and for The Well, and for many other places like (in)courage and The Gospel Coalition (I have an article in the queue there). It takes time, energy and often babysitting hours. I need your help. If something I've written has met you, has encouraged you, has challenged you, would you consider helping me keep writing? Any amount will help. But to break it down: -- $5 will help pay for a cup of coffee when I have a babysitter -- $45 will help pay for a babysitter for one morning -- $100 will make a dent in my blog hosting for one year My goal is $500. Anything given beyond that might get me on a plane to have a solo writing retreat to finish writing Finding Holy in the Suburbs, my book with IVP.   Here's a big orange button if you'd like to help out:   As always, I'm grateful for you -- that we get to do this virtual life together. Thank you. Ashley