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Thanks for your interest in sharing YOUR story!

I want this little online spot to be a generous space where readers come circle up and share their stories in true and vulnerable ways. I’m always interested in featuring good writing here!

This Fall, I want stories about your favorite things. I want to touch your favorite photograph, feel the smell of perfume from your first date, crunch leaves underfoot. I want all the good, juicy, tactile bits of whatever is your favorite thing.

Tell me: What is your favorite thing? What does it feel like, taste like, and smell like? Why is this object/experience/etc. your most favorite? 

Submit your post by the 15th of the month to be considered for publication the following month. 

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Please note the following criteria:

  • I’m looking for real, true, vulnerable stories that explore issues related to identity, story, grace and doubt. What you tell is up to you. Take a look at some past Reader Stories to get a feel for the type of post readers are looking for.
  • Posts should be conversational, personal and yet also reach beyond personal experience. We’re not here just to navel gaze but to share stories for others. Posts are generally 500-800 words. Please include a head shot, a short bio with your blog/social media contact details. I’d appreciate 2-3 tweets, too.
  • Posts should be original. Please do not submit a previous blog post of yours. You are welcome to highlight a short portion on your own blog and link back to your post here. You may publish the piece in its entirety on your personal site after 12 months.
  • Please submit your piece by emailing me at ashley@aahales.com. You should expect a response to your submission within two weeks.
  • If I choose to publish your guest post, I will be in contact about editing and other details of publication.  Reader Stories will feature more polished guest posts. 

Thanks for your interest in telling your brave story! Please contact me with any questions you have.

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