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Besides speaking to groups, authoring Finding Holy in the Suburbs, and writing articles, I also work as a copywriter, editor, and writing coach.


My Ph.D., teaching experience, and my background in editing and writing, allow me to combine a keen eye for what works in my editorial work, copywriting and coaching.

Below are the services I offer:


Copywriting and Website Coaching

I help with all your copywriting needs. For website work, I help you connect with clients by telling the story of your business with clarity and making a clear call to action.

I’m also available to ghostwrite on a case-by-case basis.

Contact me for customer testimonials, to query about my rates, and we can set up a call to see how best we can work together to tell your story.




Editing Services

I offer global content editing with an eye to voice, argument, and clarity for articles, manuscripts, and blog articles.

Contact me to discuss the length of your project and necessary turnaround time to agree on a per-hour competitive rate.





Coaching Services

As an academic and general market writer who’s had success in pitching, writing, and editing articles and a book, I’m delighted to share what I’ve learned.

My course, Creative Cohort, is open a few times a year. It gives you tools and skills to combine your actual life with your creative life.

I also offer personalized coaching services to help mentor writers in the publishing journey including: coaching on proposal writing, how to pitch articles, how to revise your work, and practical ways to write with both heart and mind.




If you’re interested in any of my writing, editing, Creative Cohort course, or coaching services, be sure to contact me using the contact form below. I offer competitive rates, a quick turnaround, and a personable ear.


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