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Interview with Jen: We laugh, we talk about privilege, home, and her new book!

May 12, 2017 4

Jen Pollock Michel is a dear friend and we had so much fun chatting for this interview about her book, Keeping Place: Reflections on the Meaning of Home.

In her book, Jen writes with theological richness about what it means that God is our home, how he creates home for his people, and how we follow him in the work of home. She weaves together her own story, a trove of historical research about our longing for home, and opens up the Bible to tell it as a home story.

In this fun 20-minute interview, we talk some of the themes of her book:

  • How the myth of technology robs us of a rich story of home as embodied and emplaced people;
  • How to embrace the mundane and menial;
  • You’ll even see (if you make it to the end) a little surprise about what the work of home looks like;
  • And yes, we get into how a narrative of privilege has made home about consumerism and a version of Christian womanhood more about an aesthetic than a place of service.

Link to Keeping Place Interview with Jen Pollock Michel

Buy Jen Pollock Michel’s new book, Keeping Place, on Amazon or at IVP. Follow Jen at her website.