Finding Holy in the Suburbs:

Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much

Did you want to “change the world” and now find yourself living an ordinary life in the suburbs?

When your life is run by kids’ sports schedules and Target runs, can we live a faithful Christian life in the suburbs without just living for ourselves?

Join Ashley Hales as she gently exposes how the suburbs shape our souls by giving us engaging stories, deep biblical content and practical steps for suburban Christians.


Ashley Hales’ book, Finding Holy in the Suburbs: Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much (InterVarsity Press) releases October 2018.


Finding Holy in the Suburbs will help you grapple with suburban living and remind you you can live a life of radical welcome even amidst tract homes, strip malls, and master-planned communities.


With vulnerable and winsome storytelling, biblical explication, and a vision for the Kingdom of God breaking through our suburban walls, Finding Holy in the Suburbs will help you thrive. Finding Holy in the Suburbs is the book to guide you to a life of adventure, purpose, and meaning right where you are.


God is redeeming all people and all place. Yes, even the suburbs. You can be a part of that.


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